Meet Each MBBS Class of 2026 Student

Aime Cesar Habonimana 

Aime Cesar enjoys cracking jokes in the middle of the night and has laughter that spreads faster than viruses. He enjoyed learning about dermatology and sees himself pursuing a career in Plastic surgery. He is also a talented modern and traditional dancer and singer. He will hopefully be able to also cheer up his patients through his multiple talents. 

Aime Pacifique Hakizimana  

Aime Pacifique sees himself becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon who wants to reach vulnerable patients in rural areas. Although he may come across as very quiet, he also has a great sense of humor that will be for sure to elevate his patient and colleagues’ mood. 

Alice Marie Clarisse Kabarissa 

Alice Marie is a charismatic, caring medical student who organizes events for the class. She values her friends and family above everything else and imagines herself in 20 years as a gynecologist who brings happiness to her patients and as a happily married wife and mother. Her fondest memories of basic sciences studies are the joy and relief she feels after exams, particularly after the pharmacology exams.  

Alliance Niyonkuru Iriza  

Alliance is a genuine, honest, empathetic medical student who will certainly develop strong relationships with her patients. She wishes to become an established cardiologist and a nurturing woman to her family and to society.

Anaise Bienvenue  Nisingizwe  

Anaise is described by her colleagues as an intelligent, kind, and compassionate woman who is an excellent listener. She is still exploring different career tracks; she is considering becoming a pediatrician. We hope that she will continue to create songs with mnemonics, as she did late at night, in BMS, to prepare for the Vivas. 

Annie Christelle Ihoza  

Annie Christelle hopes to always remember that social determinants of health need to be at the core of her everyday medical practice. She loved learning about pathology in the BMS and about the mechanism behind every disease. She aims to ease the burden of patients with neurologic diseases by becoming a neurosurgeon or neurologist.  

Annie prisca Bizimungu Cyuzuzo 

Annie Prisca has enjoyed the CBT training where she had a taste of how it feels to be someone useful to the community. She wants to pursue oncology and if she continues singing her high notes, low notes and all in between she will certainly bring joy and healing to her patients.  

Benithe Himbazwa 

Benithe, whose main goal is to improve health and save lives, sees herself as a frontline change agent advocating for equitable access to health, especially for the most vulnerable. She is described as proactive, excels at multitasking, and is admired for her good discipline.  She has fond memories of meeting in person for the first time when the class went from strangers to family and from the welcome, she received from the Dean, Prof Agnes, and the BMS faculty. She is contemplating a specialization in cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, or Obstetric Gynecology. 

Bertine Ishimwe  

Bertine’s best memory is the feeling she has after the vivas, but she regrets that feeling lasted only for 2 days. She inspires her colleagues by being hardworking, friendly and by her ability to pay attention to details. She sees herself becoming an internal medicine specialist and a medical educator.  

Cara Nkurunziza Eduige 

Cara Eduige wants to become a surgical oncologist who gives the best care to her patients with love and passion. She wants to inspire optimism and positivity around her and apparently, she is already doing that – her colleagues have reported that she will go out of her way to help them.  

Chanciella Teta  

Chanciella Teta believes she will become a global health advocate in whatever specialty she will pursue and currently is thinking of becoming a general surgeon. She enjoyed the way Dr. Ojiambo made his classes interesting and how he made them laugh their lungs out. She is known to be understanding and caring and her sense of humor will be most enjoyed by her patients.  

Deborah Umutoni  

Deborah reminded us of how vivas in BMS were stressful, how at first, she could not even remember what glucose was but thinks she has the best classmates who lift each other up and is grateful for the family she found in UGHE. She is still exploring her career options but has a growing interest in ENT and other careers that involve the brain. 

Didier Isingizwe 

Didier is a huge fan of football and although he comes off as being very serious, he really enjoys telling a lot of jokes. He is described by his peers as being responsible, hard-working, and making people smile. He is very interested in Oncology and wishes to become a dad to amazing kids while accompanying cancer patients.  

Ernestine Kanyana

Kanyana has one mission- bending the arc and extending health to all. She highlighted the unity of her class and appreciates how the class prays together before exams. She is determined to work hard and make sure things get done and is courageous, faithful, and altruistic. She would like to become a pediatrician but have her work extend beyond the hospital.  

Eric Nindorera 

Eric started his studies on campus feeling a bit lost, after arriving 2 weeks later than his classmates to campus and after being thrown directly into a lab session. He has however adapted well to the rigorous environment and is thriving and learned how to have fun. From teaching his peers how to ride bikes, to teaching them french, to being a “med-dancer” star, Eric is seen by his peers as a future Professor. He would like to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. 

Francis Taremwa 

Francis’s favorite memory of BMS was the lunchtime stories- thankfully these will continue in the clinical years! He likes to have a deep understanding of how things work and to work in an organized manner. He is known to always have the right thing to tell a person in need and sees himself as being a policymaker and maybe an orthopedic surgeon. 

Herve Arnould Tuyizere 

His colleagues see him as a future doctor who embodies empathy and will care for people with all his soul. He is a leader, solution finder and an advocate, who is most interested in community medicine.   

Hoziana Niyotwiringiye  

Hoziana’s patients will be lucky to have her as their doctor- she is known to be responsible, unselfish, caring, and humble. She has fond memories of the simulation sessions when the breaks were spent becoming friends and taking selfies with the skeleton. She is still exploring the different tracks of medicine. 

Justine Mutoniwase 

Justine is described by her peers as a cheerful caring student who is diligent and has a steady personality. She sees herself as a cardiothoracic surgeon who helps people with heart problems but also changes global surgery service delivery.  

Kevin Shimwa Gakuba

Kevin is described by a classmate as being a hard-working leader who is selfless, understanding, and considerate. He particularly enjoyed pathophysiology and most appreciated the laughter he had with the professors in the BMS. He is interested in neuro-oncology.  

Laura Ndanga  

Laura has developed the superpower of reading and memorizing 50 slides in 5 minutes, especially right before the post-lecture quizzes. She sees herself becoming a surgeon who wakes up every morning with motivation, knowing that this is a person and family that she will be able to help and give hope to. 

Lilian Uwase Keza  

Lilian is courageous, persistent, and always willing to give things a try. She aims to ease the suffering of children with cancer and become an oncologist.  

Loic Gasana Sheja 

Loic is an achiever and multitalented student who enjoys writing and playing basketball. He is thinking of becoming a pediatrician, but also a novel writer who will write about the pain and perseverance of the families he takes care of.   

Marie Charite Musoni 

Marie Charite loves being part of what she describes as a cohort of selfless, humble, loving, and caring geniuses and wishes to become an oncologist in the hopes of finding a way to provide better pain management to her patients.  

Merveille Uwihirwe 

Merveille hopes to inspire the next generation of young girls who dream of becoming doctors. She sees herself becoming a neurosurgeon with a special focus on providing neurosurgical care to patients living in rural areas.  

Modeste Shyaka Tuyisenge

Modeste is known amongst peers for his wisdom, intelligence, his comforting nature, and unique approach to some situations. He wishes to become an infectious disease specialist who can tackle pressing neglected tropical diseases through research. 

Nadine Iris Ishimwe

Nadine enjoys helping those in need, she is friendly, organized, caring, and active. She is potentially interested in dermatology and public health.  

Nelly Numumaro

Nelly takes pride in her culture and country and wishes to contribute to the progress of Rwanda by making a global impact on the health of the population. She is thinking of dermatology or public health as a career.  

Odile Iragena

Odile sees herself as becoming a neurosurgeon or an oncologist or an emergency medicine specialist, she still has time to decide. Regardless of her choice, she wants to be in a position where she can advocate for equitable health care delivery not only in Rwanda or Africa but also beyond. She wants to contribute to research and make sure Africa is not underrepresented. in literature. She also wants to advance technology and ensure that digital technology is integrated into the healthcare system.  

Olivier Hagenimana 

Olivier is not only compassionate, hardworking, and organized, but you may all have probably noticed how stylish he is. He loved anatomy so much that he sees himself both as a neurosurgeon and a professor of anatomy.  

Pacifique Ishimwe 

Pacifique envisions a career where he will become a happy doctor with a family. His friends call him “Pacifique number one” because of his eagerness to learn and super intelligence. He has enjoyed internal medicine but still has lots of time to decide if this is what will make him that happy doctor.  

Patrick Mugisha  

Patrick’s patients will be touched by his humility and gentleness. He aims to become a public health advocate.  

Princiana  Teddy Kayumba

Princiana is described by peers as being sociable, hardworking, and someone who knows how to make everyone feel at home. She wants to specialize in cardiology and support the next generation of doctors.  

Rosine Ikuzwe Shabe

Rosine is full of life, empathy, and humility- she wishes to become a psychiatrist and public health advocate who helps people meet their full potential and raises awareness about the social determinants of health to ensure equitable healthcare for all. 

Sabrina Gwiza

Sabrina will be appreciated by her patients for her empathy, understanding, and the fact that she is patient and considerate. She also wants to become a psychiatrist.  

Soleil Ishimwe

Soleil knows how to make everyone feel happy and welcomed and is thinking of pursuing a career in neurosurgery, but also wants to get involved in research, human right activism, and promote social justice.