Meet Each Medical Student in the MBBS/MGHD Class of 2028

Ada Mola

Ada can be spoted either on a bicycle riding to Nyirangarama or glued to the blue sofa in the upstairs library. Her key memory of the BMS years is when she sang Korean song with Dr. Kim. She sees herself becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon contributing to increasing access to surgical care in rural areas worldwide.

Adelphine Umugwaneza

Adelphine is described as being a ray of sunshine, being warm and compassionate by her peers. She is known to have an angelic voice and is being encouraged to use it for her patients. She sees herself as an advocate for her patients and is interested both in pediatrics and in public health.

Adolphe Ndungutse

This future global health leader reports he has learned in his BMS years that sleep is a precious commodity and acknowledges that the late nights studying with classmates were not just about passing the exams but about building a foundation for the future. Adolphe recalls fondly how TBL not only created heated debates, but fostered collaboration and respect for diverse perspectives. He is described as being loyal to his friends andis looking forward to the clinical years, where he aims to be a well-grounded general practicioner first, and then maybe a Pediatrician.

Adrien Ndeze

Adrien is a leader, a skilled musician, known to be a detailed oriented perfectionist who is selfless and places other people before him. He is consistent and persistent (and known to follow the ” and follows a regime of eat, sleep, gym, play, be a leader” routine. He has a great sense of humor and is passionate about learning. He is interested in cardiothoracic surgery and sees himself becoming a good surgeon and a wonderful father.

Aime Pacifique Rugimbana

Aime Pacifique sees himself saving countless lives and inspiring countless dreams in others. He started wearing his lab white coat everywhere on campus since year 1 and making sure that everyone saw him. His interest in call biology led him to be interesed in oncology. Others know that he is ambitious and will do anything to make sure his patients are well cared for, but also highlighted that he is funny and “super smart”.

Aksa Madeleine Nyirigira

This student’s fondest moment from BMS is when preparing vivas and hearing someone shout that Dr Odongo will be in the station (not sure what that means) . She is known to be compassionate and others are sure she will be able to create a caring environment for her patients. She is already motivated by a great sense of purpose in her role as a doctor, tenacious and commited to provide excellent surgical care to marginalized communities around the globe.

Alex Ainebyona

Alex is described as having a heart made of gold and a mind of steel. His mission is to be the voice of those who are suffering and meet their needs with empathy and to to lead and reshape the narrative of end-of-life care and palliative pain management in Africa through specialized anesthesiology training.

Aline Dushimiyimana

Aline is described as being thoughtful, determined, never gives up and is fun to be around. She is keeping her options open but thinks she will enjoy learning about Pediatrics.

Angela Nyituriki Umugisha

Angela, who is a class influencer, has a playful spirit and a compassionate heart. 

She  envisions herself as a beloved pediatrician, creating a welcoming space where laughter and care intertwine and spreading joy and healing to children in need. 

She would like to findi nnovative ways to promote child health, reaching communities far and wide and  being their steadfast advocate. 

Belinda Nandi Umuruta

Belinda’s detailed observation skills and non judgmental listening skills have been highlighted by her classmates. 

She knows how to  embrace the art of thoughtful silence. 

She  is interested in forensic medicine or pharmaceutical research and vaccine development. 

Bertrand Dushimumuremyi

Bertrand highlighted his time in Community Based Training as one of his most memorable BMS moment. 

Others describe him as hardworking, humble and someone who will connect with the patients easily.  

He is most interested in being a researcher in molecular biology, becoming a pediatrician or an infectious diseases doctor. 

Catia Ishimwe

Looking back on the BMS, Catia remembers how she would panic for the Biochemistry TBL sessions. 

She is described as having an extraordinary talent in talking to people from all backgrounds 

She sees herself as an orthopedist or a Pediatrician.

Chance Luange Ishimwe 

Chance  has a strong desire to specialize in pediatrics and be a global health advocate. 

She is known to never stress about late work as she complete all tasks on time , which allows her time to enjoy watching Turkish movies. 

Clarisse Umugwaneza

Clarisse envisions herself as an accomplished endocrinologist or nephrologist, with a passion for medical law.

Behind a cheerful demeanor lies a person of incredible courage and resilience who  aspires to establish a foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities. 

Alongside this,she also sees herself  becoming  a devoted and loving mother.

Denise Rwamu Umuhoza

Denise wants to become a health equity and justice advocate and is interested in becoming an oncologist (and maybe a surgical or pediatric oncologist) . 

Her classmates say that her patients will appreciate her attention to detail, unwavering commitment, teamwork, empathy, and advocacy.

Elie Habiyambere

Elie’s key memory from the BMS is when he had an online anthropology class with Paul Farmer and discussed  social determinants of health.

He is committed to universal healthcare across Africa and aims to make quality care accessible to everyone and envisions that in 20 years, he would be working in the MoH in Burundi.

Ella Keith Isimbi

Ella  says she will cherish the BMS years forever.

She is described as responsible and hardworking, and someone who holds herself to the highest standards. 

She would like a long career as a practicing physician, a teacher to others, a community health and social medicine enthusiast and to work in  places or with organizations that are commited to advancing healthcare to the most vulnerable.

Elyse Irakoze

Elyse has many dreams for her future. She hopes to be a a compassionate psychiatrist who not only takes care of mental health patients at the health facility but also strives to address and advocate for the structural violence that got them there. 

She also hopes to write novels that will be based on her life. And also importantly, she hopes to be the mother of at least 3 children (included an adopted one). 

Emmanuella Tona

The highlight of her BMS years have been Dr. Ojiambo’s flipped classrooms. 

She is  is Kind, committed, smart, caring and patient and hopes to teach young aspiring global health leaders in the clinics.

Erica Umuringa

Erica’s favorite memory of the BMS years were the picnics with her classmates basking under the sun. 

Erica’s passion for helping others, combined with her commitment to excellence, will make her a trusted and beloved pediatrician.

Ernest Aben Oumo

While some students have enjoyed picnics, others flipped classrooms or the feeling after the viva, but Ernest’s favorite memory was when he sat for the last BMS exam. 

He is described as someone who is Guided by strong principles and disciplined habits and sees himself as a surgeon, researcher, and advocacy leader on the continent. 

Esther Asiimwe

Esther’s liveliness is most evident when she’s singing in the shower and persuading her classmates to turn into morning people. 

She has many interests and has considered neurosurgery, urology and endocrinology and looks forward to expanding the list. 

The memory she will take from the BMS is the contrast between the difficulty found in Dean Daniel’s TBL sessions and the joy of a simple change of clothe in the all black day.

Etienne Manirarora

Etienne’s key qualities are his courage, confidence, and ambition.  

BMS has instilled in him the importance of making a difference, and he hope to continue following a career path aligned with these values, by becoming a plastic surgeon or a public health specialist.

Gentille Adoratha Ihimbazwe

This student is described as a force to be reckoned with and someone who will not back down from her beliefs, always standing firm in her arguments.

Her classmates see in Adoratha all the qualities needed to be a great doctor: determination, kindness, and dedication. 

She is  very excited to start the clinical training, so that she can discover different fields, but for now sees herself in 20 years as a highly skilled and experienced cardiothoracic surgeon, making a meaningful impact on the field of cardiac surgery.

Ghislain Habiyambere Irakoze

Ghislain learned to become super efficient and can  now read  80 slides in ten minutes before attempting a 5 question quiz. 

He is described as having an exceptional ability to give undivided attention to anyone approaching him and for now is most interesested in public health and cardiothoracic surgery.

Gloria Kevine Iradukunda

Gloria is the only women among the 28 others who doesn’t know a single afro beat song. 

She envisions pursuing a career in either Child and Adolescent Psychiatry or Pediatrics. 

Along her professional journey, she sees herself, happily married (by 2029!), surrounded by a loving family whose presence fills her  life with joy and fulfillment.

Henriette Uwurukundo

Henriette sees herself in 20 years as an influential and independent woman with my own clinic and an initiative that helps and advocates for street children. 

Her favorite memory of BMS is when she played cards during breaks, laughed with friends and the friendships created over lunch. 

She is interested in neurosurgery and will be a strong advocate for her patients.

Isaac Kibalama

Isaac is described as being smart and dedicated to the things he does. He works tirelessly for what he believes.  

He is interested in becoming a surgical oncologist.

Kendra Nzabandora Isaro

Kendra is a fantastic person recognized for her friendliness, humor, and happiness. 

She  highlighted an important lesson she learned in BMS, during a stressful moment when  she  realized in this journey of medicine,  we are not alone and talking to people could relieve you from the anxiety and stress even when you find no solutions to your problem.

She looks forward to discovering the different specialties but is currently interested in neurology and oncology.

Janet Uwase Asiimwe

Janet’s future patients will be lucky to have her as she is kind and compassionate. 

She is a hard worker, always determined to do the best of what she’s been given as a responsibility and striving to help people around her. 

She envisions herself as an ENT surgeon in the future and an activist for accessible health care to the most vulnerable communities.

Jennifer Mkunde Dickson

Jennifer reported that she will miss Dr Odongo’s classes! 

Through heated debates he created an environment that always pushed her critical thinking to the maximum. She thought that her advocacy abilities were cultivated in these classes.

She imagines herself pursuing Emergency Medicine because it encompasses her people person attributes and her  ability to thrive under pressure.

Marie Josee Tumukunde

Marie- Josee may seem shy and quiet, but warming, she has an infectious laughter that others cannot resist . 

Her friends see her I see her becoming  one of the best pediatricians who will lead a robust movement in providing children-friendly health care. 

She also has a  strong passion for advocacy and public health in general and sees herself  as a renowned researcher in oncology and a devoted advocate for cancer care equity in our region and globally.

Florence Melissa Mbabazi

Florence is humble, a good listener, very resourceful, understanding, kind and hardworking. 

She envisions herself in 20 years as a pediatrician spending her time in wards full of children, but also actively involved in community health , health education and promotion and taking part in initiatives, research and conversations that bring to light some of the neglected challenges in the community. Dr Joshua’s motivational moments were highlights of her BMS years.

Merci Uwingeneye

Merci highlighted that one of the most memorable and impactful experiences was attending the pharmacological class taught by Dr. Ondongo and even though he spent countless sleepless nights learning about the intricacies of pharmacology, he says it was worth it. 

Others report that his love for Medicine, combined with his attention to detail and strong analytical skills, predicts he will be an exceptional doctor.

He aims to  combine compassion with cutting-edge knowledge, and aspires, as a future pediatric surgeon,  to have a long-term influence on the lives of children and their families, creating the way for a healthier and happier future.

Nadia Mugeni Nsengiyumva

Nadia highlighted the time spent outside the classroom on the CBT course as being the best part of BMS. 

She is a “yes person” and her kindness knows no limitations, she goes above and beyond for those around She would like to pursue pediatrics.

Redempta Uwacunguwe

Her most remarkable memory was her first time in the sim lab. She is described as being attentive to detail, true to her character, warm person to be around and exceptionally brilliant.

She aspires to serve in the field of pediatrics while actively engaging in research. She also aims to become a dedicated and loving mother.

Samuel Ishimwe

Samuel ‘s most memorable memory from BMS is during cadaver dissection where he reports he was so exhausted by the standing hours that he was about to fall .

One student said that is an exceptional multitasker. He is a debater, a pastor, a journalist, an article writer, and even a politician. Samuel is determined to  find solutions to the severe problems his community, country, and the world at large face and most interested currently in the field of gastroenterology.

Secret Atukunda

The vivas were also highlighted by Secret as a key memory from the BMS, especially the first viva where she chose to not sleep at all. (It sounds like she didn’t repeat that experience!). 

Her classmates have reported that her very caring personality and empathy will shape her into an exceptional physician and that her leadership qualities will make her navigate any obstacles she will face. 

Right now, she is very interested in OBGYN, oncology and craniofacial surgery. She sees herself not only as a physician but also as a global health leader, bridging healthcare gap for the vulnerable in whatever specialty she will have chosen.

Sonia Mutima

Despite having a deep love for medicine and a willingness to learn from anyone, Sonia will never forget Dean Abebe’s look in the viva where she was so stressed that she failed to answer anything about tetanus. 

Thankfully she also remembers the relief she had after the vivas and the fun she had with friends. 

She envisions herself having a happy life, helping people with compassionate care, and positively impacting society and is very interested in Internal Medicine.

Sylvie Ikuzwe

Sylvie is interested in bridging the gaps between medicine and technology by creating modern software tools to improve healthcare for people who need it the most.

She remembers fondly the debates in Dr. Ojiambo’s flipped classroom sessions and is interested in a career in oncology or infectious diseases.

Winny Stella Abera

Winny is calm, friendly, and determined. 

She will never forget how Dr. Ojiambo used to call her in his classes.

She is interested in geriatrics, emergency medicine and orthopedist.