​​Sterman Toussaint, MD, FACS

Lecturer, Faculty of Global Health Delivery

Dr. Sterman Toussaint was born in January of 1975 in Pierre Payen, Haiti from a low-class family. He entered medical school in 1995 and became the first from his family to access to this level of education. He graduated in 2001 and entered a surgical residency training program at the State University Hospital in Port au Prince where he graduated in October 2006. He completed an eight-week training in emergency medicine and concluded with a certificate as an ER doctor. After his graduation as a general surgeon, Dr. Toussaint started to work in the biggest country trauma center led by the NGO Doctors Without Borders, where he spent five years until 2011.

As a post-graduate resident in general surgery, Dr. Toussaint started to teach anatomy for first and second year medical students at the State University Medical School where he studied. He temporarily left the medical school in 2007, and returned in 2010 to teach surgical semiology as an associate professor, where he is now a clinical instructor.

In 2008, Dr. Toussaint, with three other colleagues, co-founded the non-profit organization Oganizasyon Sante Popilè, or OSAPO, where he served as volunteer medical director and volunteer surgeon of the OSAPO Medical Center of Rousseau.

After leaving Doctors Without Borders in 2011, Dr. Toussaint started working with Zanmi Lasante, the Haitian sister organization of Partners In Health, as a general surgeon and faculty for residency training in family medicine in Hospital Saint Nicolas of Saint Marc. He was promoted in 2012 to Director of Surgery and three years later to Deputy Director of Education. 

Dr. Toussaint earned a one-year scholarship from the American College of Surgeons in 2014, with a certificate in surgical education; he became a fellow of the college in October of 2016. At the same time, he was promoted to Director of Medical Education for Mirebalais University Hospital. He spent most of his time working as a manager of medical education, surgical educator, and social medicine teacher for Zanmi Lasante. Beside his busy schedule with Zanmi Lasante, Dr. Toussaint is still volunteering in Rousseau Medical Center of OSAPO as a surgeon, and as a global surgery and social medicine mentor for foreign residents and medical school students visiting OSAPO.