Arsene Hobabagabo, MD, MSc

Junior Research Fellow

Arsene Hobabagabo joined the University of Global Health Equity in May 2019 as a Junior Research Fellow. He is a trained physician with a Master of Science in Global Health Delivery degree which he obtained from UGHE.

Prior to joining UGHE as a fellow, Dr. Hobabagabo worked for the Rwanda Diabetes Association as a Medical Doctor. As part of his master’s practicum project, Dr. Hobabagabo implemented an mHealth approach to improve patient’s retention while still at RDA. In his current role at UGHE, Dr. Hobabagabo works to design Rwanda-based diabetes prevention research projects in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He is a fervent advocate of social justice and believes strongly that no one should be disadvantaged by their background especially when it comes to getting access to healthcare.