Chantal Uwimana, MA

Human Resource Manager

Ms. Chantal Uwimana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Sciences and a master’s degree in Development Studies. Before joining UGHE, Ms. Uwimana worked in human resource management positions at the Rwanda Constitutional Commission, Office of the Ombudsman and King Faisal Hospital. In her roles as both Human Resource Manager and Director for King Faisal Hospital, Ms. Uwimana oversaw and coordinated human resource planning, recruitment, and performance management systems, worked to establish good working relationships, and promoted teamwork throughout the organization. Ms. Uwimana also participated in the hospital’s accreditation program where she developed and implemented human resource policies and strategies to ensure compliance with Rwandan laws and international standards.

Through her work with both government institutions and non-governmental organizations, Ms. Uwimana has developed a range of expertise including strategic management, strategic planning, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation.