Elysee Nzashimimana

Communications, Marketing & PR Coordinator

Elysee Nzashimimana is a Communications and Media enthusiast who is passionate about giving back to his community in order to improve living conditions. Because of his leadership and professional experience, he has been awarded a Global Health Corps fellowship for 2020-2021. Elysee has experience working with nonprofit organizations in the areas of communications, public relations, and social media management. He worked on communications teams for a variety of projects funded by USAID and other non-governmental organizations. He oversaw communications efforts and motivated project participants and local leaders to get involved and take ownership of the projects. Elysee has also worked on external relations and awareness campaigns in Rwanda with Better World International, documenting project case studies and success stories. He worked as a volunteer journalist for the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency. Elysee spends his free time watching documentaries and scrolling through Twitter.