Florence Akiiki Bitalabeho, M.D

Assistant Professor and Head of the Godley-StGoar Department of Community Health

Dr Bitalabeho earned her M.D. in 1980 from Makerere University Medical School/Uganda. She received post graduate diplomas in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Public health, Health Service Management and Occupational Health from the University of Witwatersrand/South Africa. She has a fellowship in health professionals’ education and research from the Sub-Saharan Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute (SAFRI)

Dr Bitalabeho leads the team at University of Global Health Equity(UGHE) that has developed and implemented Community Based Education. This is a program that trains health care professionals in quality, equitable, holistic and context appropriate patient- cantered care.

As Director for Education, Training and Quality Improvement at Partners In Health/Rwanda. and as part of the Senior Leadership for the last 5 years, she participated in leading the organisation in accompanying the Government of Rwanda in 3 districts in decentralised health care based on the values of health equity, social justice, dignity, human rights, preferential option for the poor and respectful accompaniment to patients and communities in attainment of holistic health status goals.

Prior to Partners in Health, her career path weaved through clinical practice, public health practice, health professionals’ education, health research and program implementation and evaluation mainly in East and Southern Africa.

Dr Bitalabeho’s most notable contribution to global health implementation and publication has been in the management of HIV/AIDS. Based for close to a decade at World Health Organisation in Geneva, on the Integrated Management of Adult Illnesses team (IMAI) in the HIV department. Her technical support work was mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa countries and Asia in strengthening and capacity building of health systems and human resources to combat the HIV pandemic.