Mugwaneza Placidie, MD, MPH

Lecturer, Faculty of Global Health Delivery

Dr. Placidie has 11 years experience in planning, management, evaluation, and support of HIV prevention programs, specifically the Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) program.

Currently, Dr. Placidie is the Director of the HIV Prevention Unit in HIV/AIDS, STIs and Other Blood Bones Infection Division within the Rwanda Biomedical Center. In this position, she coordinates different programs such as Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission, HIV counseling and testing, male circumcision, and other HIV prevention, and she works closely with the HIV prevention technical working group which is under her leadership.

Prior to this position, Dr. Placidie was in charge of the PMTCT desk in the same institution. In this position, she coordinated the development and update of the national PMTCT guidelines; in addition, she was involved in the design of PMTCT program scale-up.

Dr. Placidie participated in HIV prevention program experience-sharing through published articles, case studies, and abstracts presented at both national and international conferences as author and co-author.

Dr. Placidie also worked in Muhima Hospital as a general practitioner in charge of providing care and treatment to patients living with HIV and HIV-infected pregnant women for prevention of mother to child HIV transmission.