MGHD 2023 Graduands Stories

This is a Series of Stories Highlighting a few MGHD 2023 Graduands Ahead of their Commencement

MGHD Graduand -Yonas Hagos, takes on the Challenge to Promote Affordable Quality Health Care for Vulnerable Communities in Global South

Yonas Gebregiorgis Hagos, an MGHD student from Ethiopia, believes that, to achieve equitable quality healthcare for all in the Global South, the interplay between clinical and other health determinants, such as social and economic forces, must be addressed, rather than only focusing on the service level. 


MGHD Graduand, Peace Iraguha: A Journey Towards Health Equity

Peace Iraguha, a driven individual with a passion for equity in healthcare, had always dreamed of making a difference in the health field.  

The burning desire to address the root causes of health disparities led her to search for an institution that aligned with her aspirations for her master’s program. That’s when she discovered the University of Global Health Equity. 


MGHD Graduand, Mohammad Tareq Orfali Advocates for a Healthier and Sustainable Earth

Moving from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to pursue a master’s degree in Rwanda was a novel experience for MGHD’23 student Mohammad Tareq Orfali. 

He recalls his first moment at UGHE, “When I arrived at Butaro Campus in January 2023, I was impressed by the beautiful scenery, excellent facilities, innovative building design, quality of hospitality, and the intention behind such a beautiful campus in a rural area.”