Michee Nshimayesu

M&E Assistant

Michee Nshimayesu is a dedicated Public Health professional with extensive experience in the global health program support and driven by a profound passion for improving healthcare delivery and outcomes in marginalized communities. He completed a master’s degree in public health with a specialization in Global Health from Mount Kenya University and Held a bachelor’s degree in public health with Honors from the Catholic University of Rwanda, his educational background forms a strong foundation for his career.

In his role as a Policy Evaluation and Research Volunteer at Engage Africa Foundation, Michee plays a pivotal role in collecting and analyzing data, contributing to the development of policy recommendations for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and support for evaluating national policies and initiatives for NCDs management in Africa. He excels at writing research proposal, policy briefs and organizing stakeholder meetings to drive policy initiatives forward. Michee’s commitment to global health equity and research is further exemplified through his service in UGHE transport and logistics team at the same time volunteering with the University of Global Health Equity research team, where he ensures integrity while actively engaging in multidisciplinary team and stay updated with the latest developments, training and workshop in global surgery research.

His prior experience as a Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation Assistant at Sylvie Associates & Consultancy showcased his ability to design studies, assessment tools development, collect and analyze data, and effectively communicate findings. With a diverse range of certifications and proficiency in data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation tools, research methodologies and survey design, Michee is well-prepared for cross-cultural interactions with supporting health promotion and education, disease prevention, health systems strengthening, national policy/initiative evaluation, global health equity and leadership.