UGHE Podcasts

Audio to Advocate for Health Equity

As part of our mission to spread awareness of the need for health equity, UGHE is proud to present a variety of podcast series tackling various issues in global health. Learn more about our current shows below and listen to our available episodes. Stay tuned for more episodes and shows! 

MGHD Delivered

MGHD Delivered is an opportunity for Master in Global Health Delivery (MGHD) students in Health Management; Gender, Sexual, and Reproductive Health; and One Health tracks to discuss topics they are passionate about both within and outside of the classroom. This is a unique podcast where they will be rotating hosts for each topic, so you will have someone new to listen to every time.


Reimagining Research

Research is as much about inciting action as it is generating knowledge. Too often, the success of research is measured by the final outcome of a peer-reviewed paper, and whilst data collection and publication is of course critical, stopping here is like closing a book after the first chapter. We need systems for reflection, means of translating our findings into action, and mechanisms to bring the fruits of our research back to those it analyses. This podcast series reimagines research as a powerful tool to serve problems, not papers, and a human-centered approach to giving agency to those most marginalized.


Research for Equity

The world needs research that addresses the contextual needs of vulnerable communities, influences action in policy and program development, empowers global fighters to advance discovery that benefits the underserved populations, and moves us closer to an equitable world. Through interviews conducted by our diverse alumni, UGHE’s new Research for Equity series meets some of our researchers driving forward this mission and presents a personal view on their work in addressing some of today’s most pressing global challenges through an equity lens.