Transforming Amputation and Prosthetic Services Globally

A Two Day Virtual Conference hosted by The University of Global Health Equity & Imperial College London

5th December, 2020, 3-6pm Central African Time
6th December, 4-7pm Central African Time


Transforming Amputation and Prosthetic Services Globally is a virtual conference jointly hosted and delivered by the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) and Imperial College London, aiming to address, and encourage discussion around the key areas of the amputee service pathway.

The successful provision of prosthetic services to the end-user is inter-dependent on clinical services, equipment, and education. Without the inter-connectivity between these three areas, the resultant effect will inevitably be sub-standard, or worse, no provision to the user. Establishing such a network between the user, the clinical services and the educational organizations will facilitate addressing prosthetic needs in Rwanda. A sustainable ecosystem that will be enabled to co-develop solutions that can improve the quality of the offered services.

“Prosthetic limbs give amputees the ability to participate in essential life styles such as getting an education, competing in the job market and even contributing to the development of the economy. The time to raise awareness about the need of these devices is now.”— Claudine Humure, Partnership Coordinator, UGHE

This dynamic two day conference offers attendees a host of sessions exploring key areas of the amputation service provision pathway, from surgery to rehabilitation. The conference aims to provide the tools, best practices, expertise, and lessons learnt in the field, directed through the lens of experts from multiple countries globally, including those from UGHE, Imperial, Butaro District Hospital, Legacy of War Foundation, MIT, Royal Army Medical Corps, Jumping Kids, and University of Rwanda. 

The packed schedule hosts a variety of critical discussions, including those on amputation surgical procedures, the personal experiences of amputation impact, prosthetic technology design and research methods, and clinical prosthetic and rehabilitation services for amputees, to name a few. 

Stay tuned for the full schedule and expert speaker line-up, announced shortly.

“Amputation is something that is easily treatable with the right tools, processes, and equipment and sharing global practice helps us make sure that we are doing all we can to enable amputees to achieve their potential.’ — Dr. David Henson MBE, Business Development Engineer, Imperial College London


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