Prince C. Murindwa, MSc


With a solid foundation in health management, Prince holds a master’s degree from the University of Global Health Equity and a bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University. His career has spanned various impactful roles, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing health equity through research and education.

Prince recently served as an Academic Reviewer at Southern New Hampshire University. Before that, he made significant contributions as a Participatory Action Researcher at the City University of New York. In this role, he engaged in community-based research initiatives that improved understanding of local healthcare dynamics.

Adding to his diverse experience, Prince has worked as a Go-to Market Researcher at Tiiqu in London, United Kingdom, and as a Data Coordinator at One Acre Fund. These positions have allowed him to hone his skills in data management and research strategy, further enriching his expertise in the global health field.

Prince is embarking on a new chapter as a Lecturer for the Principles of Global Health Equity. This role aligns with his passion for academia and his commitment to global health. He is eager to share his insights and knowledge with students, inspiring the next generation of healthcare professionals and advancing the principles of global health equity.