Prof. Paul Farmer Through the Years at UGHE

UGHE family continues to honor and pay tribute to their Founder and Chancellor, the late Prof. Paul Farmer who passed away on 21st February 2022. Prof. Paul will always be remembered as a visionary leader, a friend, a good doctor, a brother and a father figure to both the students and staff of UGHE.

He was part of the pioneers who took part in the groundbreaking ceremony that laid the foundation for the construction of UGHE Butaro Campus and was involved in several activities of the university. Students and Staff at UGHE shared their fond memories of their beloved Chancellor through a series of photos they took with him.

His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda and Prof. Paul Farmer, UGHE  Chancellor and Founder, Partners In Health Founder inaugurate UGHE’s Butaro Campus with a ceremonious ribbon cutting on January 25, 2019.
Left to Right: Prof. Agnes Binagwaho, UGHE Vice Chancellor, Her Excellency, the First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, Prof. Paul Farmer, and the former Rwandan Minister of Health, Dr. Diane Gashumba at the UGHE’s MGHD’19 Commencement on August 11, 2019.
Ground breaking ceremony for UGHE Butaro Campus attended by Prof. Paul Farmer, Prof.  Binagwaho, UGHE Vice Chancellor, Former Rwandan Minister of Education, Dr. Papias Malimba, Former Permanent Secretary of the Northern Province , Former Mayor of Burera District,  Uwambajemariya Florence, and staff from UGHE and PIH/IMB staff on December 10, 2016.
Prof. Paul Farmer delivering a speech on the commencement ceremony of the UGHE’s Master of Science in Global Health Delivery class of 2018.
Prof. Paul Farmer holding a discussion with students and faculty at Butaro Campus on February 19, 2020.
Rogers Muragije, UGHE’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Financial Affairs with Prof. Paul Farmer ahead of the UGHE MGHD’20 Commencement on August 9th, 2020.
In 2008, Prof. Paul arrived in Butaro for the first time. On the picture, a nurse, now Head of Kinyababa Health Center, Appolinarie Bapfakururimi was warmly welcoming him.
UGHE’s Lecturer & Coordinator, Community Health and Social Medicine Denys Ndangurura poses with Prof. Paul Farmer.
Prof. Paul Farmer (L)in the UGHE Science Lab with other UGHE leadership and staff. Image captured on May 30, 2021.
Dr Anne E. Sumner (in the middle), Senior Investigator Chief, Section on Ethnicity and Health Director, NIH Rwandan Health Program with Prof. Paul Farmer and Prof. Agnes Binagwaho at the at the Women Leaders in Global Health Conference in November 2019. 
Eric Twizeyimana, MGHD’22 with Prof. Paul Farmer after a welcome party of the new MGHD cohort.
Prof. Paul Farmer with MGHD students, class of 2020 after a lecture.
Prof. Paul Farmer teaching the first MGHD cohort of UGHE MGHD students.
Prof. Paul Farmer with visitors including Prof. Edward M. Hundert, Dean of medical education at the Harvard Medical School in the UGHE Simulation Lab in February 2020.
Prof. Paul Farmer and Margret Kirumbuyo, MGHD’18 took a photo after class. Prof. Paul was singing the song Malaika – (famously sang by Miriam Makeba).  
Prof. Paul Farmer was addressing students from the University of Rwanda and UGHE during the Jeopardy competition at Butaro Campus in 2022.
After dinner with MBBS 25′, while chatting and taking photos, Prof. Paul mentioned he had taken a selfie with Prince, one of his patients then, so Mutesi Mukinisha borrowed her classmate Materne’s phone to have him prove that he can indeed take selfies….this was the result.
After the MGHD’22 welcome party, Colyse Nduwimana, MGHD’22 took a picture with Prof. Paul.
Prof. Paul Farmer (in the centre in the black face mask) with UGHE medical students, staff and faculty at white coat ceremony on December 8, 2021.
Prof. Abebe Bekele and Prof. Paul Farmer on a panel discussion on Global Surgery during the launch of UGHE Center for Equity in Global surgery at the Butaro Campus on Feb 08, 2022.
Autumn Marie Eastman, MGHD’22 with Prof. Paul Farmer after dinner on campus.
Willy Chrysostome Ingabire representing the UGHE Alumni in the Women Leaders in Global Health Conference in November 2019.
MBBS’26 meeting with Prof. Paul Farmer, Dr. Denis Reigner, Ms. Munyeshuri Jeanine, and Mr. Ishaan Desaii, on February 1st, 2022.
Dr. Yvan Butera, MGHD’17 with Prof. Paul Farmer after his first masterclass with MGHD students in Kigali.
Prof.Paul Farmer invited Andre Ndayambaje, UGHE Health Services Coordinator to join him for the 1st in person meeting with MGHD’22 on campus. Prof. Paul elaborated much about their journey in developing and promoting high quality and equitable health services especially for the mothers and neonates through the PIH initiatives.
Prof. Paul Farmer with Peace Ingabire, UGHE medical student, class of 2025.
Sam Rusine, MGHD’ 19with Prof. Paul Farmer during the graduation of the MGHD Cohort 4 in August 2019.
Uwera Denise (R), MGHD’17 with Prof.Paul Farmer on their graduation in May 2017.
Dr. Michael Alumuku, MGHD’22 with Prof. Paul Farmer after a lecture.
Joselyne Nzisabira, MBBS’25 with Prof.Paul Farmer. This photo was taken on February 20, 2022, the Sunday night before he passed away, when he met with MBBS 2025 students.