Marie Consolatrice Sage Ishimwe, MD, MPH

Research Faculty, Institute of Global Health Equity Research

Sage Ishimwe joined the University of Global Health Equity in June 2020 as a Research Faculty and a Lecturer. She is a trained physician with a Master of Public Health (Global Health option). Dr. Ishimwe recently completed a clinical research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where her main project focused on determining the main etiology of abnormal glucose tolerance in African descent populations. 

Prior to joining UGHE, Dr. Ishimwe worked as a Medical Doctor in both rural and urban hospitals in Rwanda. In her current role at UGHE, Dr. Ishimwe works on setting up protocols which improve screening for type 2 diabetes in Rwanda, lead to better treatment and hopefully achieve remission in newly diagnosed cases. She is passionate about improving health standards of underserved communities and believes that whatever positive change she can think of, and work towards it, it will definitely come to pass and change the community.