Sam Muhanguzi

Clinical Medicine Administrative Assistant

Sam has a strong background in conducting health research. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management with a concentration in Global Perspectives from Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler Program. Before joining UGHE, Sam worked as a Research Associate at Bboxx, where he helped coordinate research projects across Bboxx Africa’s Next Generation Utility agencies. Additionally, Sam worked as a Research Associate Intern at Global Engagement Institute/GEI – he mainly assisted in research project coordination i.e. gathering data from primary and secondary sources as well as conducting data analysis to inform decisions across different departments. He also helped develop educational content about mental health and self-care such as blogs, brochures, and podcasts. His last research paper at GEI focused on Mental Health Curriculum and Self-Care Resource Database as a Path to Reducing Stigma in the Young Adult Population. Sam is passionate about public health and believes in its power to elevate community empowerment and development agenda.