Hospitality Coordinator

Seth has traveled extensively in search of skills and knowledge, with his heart remaining deeply rooted in Rwanda and to the continent of Africa. His career and passion for customer service delivery started 16 years ago, when he was exposed to different hotel concepts and operations in high-end hotels. Firstly, through an Industry Familiarization Program (IFP) by Kenya Utalii College in Nairobi to the Kenyan Hospitality and Tourism sector. Most notably: Sarova Chain of hotels, Serena Chain Hotels, and many others, he brings broad knowledge in service industries having grown up in the Hospitality and Tourism sector. 

Seth holds a 4 Year Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management from the prestigious Kenya Utalii College, Nairobi, Kenya, An Exchange Training programme certificate from Mafikeng Hotel School, South Africa, and a Master’s degree (MBA) in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Marketing from Les Roches International of Hotel Management, Switzerland-2012. 

Before joining UGHE, Seth has worn different hats in Hospitality Operations and Management and Other service industries in Rwanda such as Assistant Hotel Manager at Lake Kivu Serena Hotel in Gisenyi, Senior Hospitality Trainer at Workforce Development Authority (WDA), General Manager and Operator at Muhazi Beach Hotel in Eastern Rwanda, Soft Facilities/Hospitality Services Manager at King Faisal Hospital, Kigali, as part-time Lecturer at Mount Kenya University-Rwanda, and most recently as a Consultant at GIZ- Rwanda. 

His most satisfying work was to train and upgrade the professional skills and best practices aiming at the growth and development of an equitable, skilled, competitive, and sustainable Hotel and Tourism sector, enhancing its contribution to Rwanda’s national economy. 

Seth’s Philosophy is “TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE” which is: – satisfying customer needs, generating a profit for the shareholders, and contributing to better the planet; summarized as “people, planet, and profit.”