Student Support Naming Opportunities

UGHE accepts gifts of all sizes to support student financial aid. For those interested in creating a legacy, we offer several opportunities to create funds named for yourself or others.

All Financial Aid Gifts of $100,000+

All donors who make gifts of $100,000 or more receive annual reports on their giving and regular opportunities to interact with the students they support. The recipients of the scholarships will be named after the donor (eg: the XYZ Scholar). At the $100,000+ level, gifts can be made expendable over a specific period or endowed in perpetuity. 

Umusanzu Fund 

Under the Umusanzu program (Kinyarwanda for “contribution”), qualified applicants are admitted into UGHE’s MBBS/MGHD program irrespective of their ability to pay tuition, and they incur no cost for their education. Upon admission into the MBBS/MGHD, students sign a tuition forgiveness agreement in exchange for their commitment to providing a specified number of years of professional service to vulnerable populations. Contributions of $100,000+ to the Umusanzu Fund can be named for the donor and expended over a specific time period or endowed in perpetuity.

General Scholarship Fund 

The general scholarship fund is designed for any student at UGHE, regardless of their field of study or degree. Our commitment to serving the most vulnerable and underserved populations means UGHE relies on the generosity of others to subsidize the cost of education. Gifts of $100,000 or more may be named and designated for a specific program or type of student and can be spent down over a period of time or endowed.

Laboratory Funds 

Educating students with the most advanced tools in a region that lacks the best technology is part of what sets UGHE apart from other health care schools and is part of why our students will be able to build modern systems after graduation. The cost of procuring and servicing such equipment is high, as is the annual cost of replenishing the consumables found in most laboratories. Gifts of $100,000 or more can be named for the donor or another and will provide the income needed to support the Clinical Simulation and Basic Sciences laboratories, in addition to future laboratories that will be constructed in our teaching hospitals. While gifts can be designated for any specific lab, we ask for you to consider making the gift unrestricted. 

If you are interested in learning more about naming a school, program, center or laboratory, please contact Abida Adnan, Senior Development Officer at aadnan@