Theogene Uwizeyimana

Research Assistant, INECD Programme

Theogene Uwizeyimana is a global public health research enthusiast with a strong interest in the use of research to address health inequities and improve the health of the communities. Before joining the USAID’s supported INECD Programme – Inclusive Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Programme –  with the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), Theogene served as a Global Health Corps (GHC) Research Fellow 2021-2022 at the same organization, leading and supporting different research projects in the Educational Development and Quality Center (EDQC) and the School of Medicine (SOM). Prior to that, he worked with Global Health Focus (GHF), an international not-for-profit organization that seeks to achieve Health for All through capacity building of practitioners in global health, particularly in developing countries on various research efforts.  He led and contributed to a number of research publications that resulted from the Africa COVID-19 Research and Publication Project. Theogene also worked in the area of the pharmaceutical supply chain, where he worked with Zipline, which is a company that delivers emergency medical products to health facilities across Rwanda using drones, and he supported the development of packaging SOPs and medical product validation. He has made over 10 publications in peer-review journals and has been invited by different journals to review manuscripts. Theogene holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Master of Public Health from Mount Kenya University Rwanda. His primary areas of research interest include pharmacoepidemiology, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), nutrition and disability, and health equity and policy.