Looking Ahead

In the fall of 2018 UGHE’s first permanent campus will open at Butaro, in Rwanda’s Northern Province. Here, students’ learning environment will include not only Butaro Hospital, which houses the region’s first rural cancer center of excellence, but also its network of health centers and community health workers. Among Rwanda’s districts, Butaro’s has boasted some of the most promising, though still fragile gains, due in part to the innovations and support of PIH. In years to come, this campus will expand, and we will found a second campus in Kigali at Masaka.

As our university grows, we will add further degree programs in human, veterinary, and oral health. These include undergraduate and graduate levels, with all clinical degrees jointly earned with a Master of Science in Global Health Delivery. Students and faculty alike will have access to distinguished research opportunities with a health equity focus.

“I have always dreamed that putting academic rigor into health sector management at all levels—local, national, regional, and beyond—would greatly improve the health of the population. This is exactly what UGHE will do for Rwanda and for the world.”

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor, UGHE