BAVP Story Writing Contest


Ahead of the Launch of the UGHE Center for Equity in Global Surgery, Intare Surgery Interest Group(ISIG) presents the ​”Be A Voice Project“, an advocacy exercise for MBBS students as they are preparing for not only being doctors but also global health leaders and equity advocates. It will involve writing a short story about issues that the Rwandan community is facing regarding Surgical services delivery.

Eligibility: Being a medical student from UGHE, ASOME, or UR.

Time: from January 20, 2022- February 21, 2022, at 11:59 PM CAT

Rules of the contest:

Narrative Story Contest Topic: Global Surgery. You can use any creative writing format to create your entry on, for example, the following topics (You can write a story you either experienced or envisioned about global surgery…etc. ):

  • Inequities in surgical services delivery
  • Gaps in surgical services, e.g. shortage of surgeons
  • Global surgery advancements 
  • Your role in global surgery
  • Participants will submit their writing piece to the judges who will judge based on a RUBRIC put in place
  • ISIG will only accept stories written in English
  • Name your entry document: “Your full name-BAVP submission”
  • Plagiarized stories will be disqualified!
  • Length: 650-1000 words, Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 12
  • Prizes:
  • The first 3 winners will be published on the UGHE website and awarded:
    1. 1st: 150 dollars
    2. 2nd: 100 dollars
    3. 3rd: 75 dollars 
    4. Certificate of participation
  • If you have any questions, DM us from social media: @IntareSIG (Twitter, Instagram