Anitha Dushimirimana

Communications and Marketing Assistant

Anitha Dushimirimana is a dedicated communication and marketing professional. She is currently a communications and marketing assistant at UGHE.  She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Communication with a concentration in Business. During her academic tenure, Anitha developed a keen understanding of the importance of effective communication to effect change.

Anitha joined UGHE as a Communications and Media Relations Coordinator through Global Health Corps Fellowship. In this role, she leveraged her excellent communication skills to develop and execute effective communication strategies that helped to improve the organization’s outreach and impact. Prior to joining UGHE, Anitha worked as a Communications Officer at GTBank in Rwanda handling internal and external corporate affairs and communications.

Anitha was a conscious social change agent for women with Global Grassroots where she supported young women in overcoming unemployment by starting a small cooperative and finding jobs. She is passionate about social change, especially supporting vulnerable young women and children.

In her free time, Anitha enjoys singing and creative writing, which allows her to express herself and connect with her inner self. Her commitment to her personal interests and her professional work make her an exceptional and well-rounded individual.