Danny Kamanzi

Warehouse & Logistics Assistant, Butaro Campus

Danny Kamanzi joined the UGHE team as a driver in May 2016. In September 2018, he was promoted to Warehouse & Logistics Assistant at UGHE’s Butaro Campus. Mr. Kamanzi holds a bachelor’s degree in Transport and Logistics Management at the University of Tourism, Technology, and Business in Kigali, Rwanda. Mr. Kamanzi holds certificates in mechanics and maintenance, driving of small vehicles, and traffic laws. Mr. Kamanzi also holds a certificate in professional photography from Versatile School of Photography in Nairobi, Kenya. Before joining UGHE, Mr. Kamanzi worked in Butaro Hospital’s logistics department as a Transport Coordinator and Head Driver. Prior to his time at Butaro Hospital, Mr. Kamanzi was an ambulance driver for Ruhengeri Hospital.